ASICS GT-1000 3 Review

Asics GT-1000 3 Review

I would consider the Asics GT-1000 3 a throw-back style running shoe that still offers many great qualities for stability runners.  This model in the GT series really embodies a lot of the older traditional ASICS features to create a very nice stability trainer that can get a lot done without hurting the wallet.  To put it simply, ASICS went back to the basics in the Asics GT-1000 3.

 Asics GT-1000 3Comparisons with Similar Models

Lets start comparing the Asics GT-1000 3 with the GT-2100 series.  For those that loved the 2100 series, you should be overall pleased with the results of the Asics GT-1000 3.  Many of its throw-back features are very similar.  These include its SpEVA foam, Duomax Support, along with several different materials in the underfoot.  Lets start with the SpEVA.  It’s a classic material that has made a lot of great shoes through its day.  The reason it was passed on is that its replacement,  SoLyte material is considered to be lighter and more cushioned.  Honestly, I don’t see a huge difference but I’m sure there is some truth to what ASICS claims.  Duomax simply got updated to adding an additional layer of foam.  It is now called “Dynamic Duomax.”

ASICS returns to the use of the “plastic shank” for added stability.  The Shank really adds to the stability as it connects well with the arch of the shoe along with the lateral movement of the shoe.

Of all the classic features of this shoe I definitely think the stability of the shoe is what is greatly enhanced.  The Asics GT-1000 3 uses a few features that really hit key with this shoe.  Lets talk materials.  The outsole uses a semi-circled design.  There is also a plastic support piece in the heel and rubber near the front.

Comparing the shoe to the Asics GT-1000 2 shows a lot of vast differences.  Some may be good and some may be horrid.  I will say it is a bit of an inconsistent move by ASICS to say the least.  Those who loved the GT-1000 2 may not like this version and vise-versa.  Lets talk about the materials of the shoes.  There had been complains about the GT-1000 2 about stenches forming around the shoe after continued use.  I am glad to say that is not the case with this model.

Now with the actual structural make of this shoe.  With the reconstruction of the crashpad, heel-strikers will benefit more greatly with the overall cushion of the shoe.  Those who run more flatfooted will feel more awkwardness and may need to look for another shoe all-together.  This is where I have seen some of the criticism of the shoe.  Though, being a heel-striker myself, this feature does not bother me one bit.  The GT-2000 Lineup offers more cushion and comfort for those looking for the added support.  Check out my Review for the Asics GT-2000 2 on this matter.  Like the GT-1000 2, I believe this model is pretty stiff as well.  If the throw-back features of the shoe really affect something in my opinion it would be the stiffness and flexibility of the shoe.  The last major change to the Asics GT-1000 3 compared to the 2 is going to be the arch height.  It is slightly higher.  This is going to add some more stability, especially to the heel.  Though not everybody is going to be comfortable to it right off the bat.  It does offer a different feel than the GT-1000 2.

Asics GT-1000 3 Upper Features

Overall, I feel like the Asics GT-1000 3 did a better job in the creating of the upper than its predecessor.  It is constructed of an all-sewn mesh that really offers a comfortable classic look.  I will say it looks much more premium than the GT-1000 2 although the durability is about the same in the end run.  The Tongue of the shoe is medium sized and despite some reports, I have had no issues with it sliding around at all.

Sizing/Pricing for the Asics GT-1000 3

I have fairly narrow feet but I still do believe this shoe feels a bit more narrow than the GT-1000 2.  If those felt a bit tight, I might get a wider size, which luckily is available in this shoe.  With this MSRP being at around $100, I would expect to find it at prices around $90.  It might drop some once new updates are added to the GT-1000 lineup but you will likely have to wait until then.

Overall Opinion of the Asics GT-1000 3

The focus of this shoe has been how it compares with similar models so let me give my overall view on the shoe.   While the shoe offers top of the line stability, it is going to lack some flexibility and may be a rough on the feet for flat-footed runners.  I would recommend this shoe to heel-strikers that over-pronate and need the extra stability, but not necessary cushion.  I believe the added weight in the Asics GT-1000 3 is nullified a bit because it has such a smooth transition for heel-strikers.  It doesn’t feel like a 12 ounce shoe in my eyes.