Asics GT 2000 2 Review

ASICS GT 2000 2 Review

Asics GT 2000 2 Review


This old-style make up of a running shoe hits home with many runners and shows vast improvements in cushion compared to the original GT 2000 model. As a stability running shoe, this shoe miraculously finds a way to stay light at just 9.0 ounces (Men's Size 9). With older-style materials this shoe finds a way to remain very balanced in most areas. While it may not excel in any one area such as cushioning or overall weight, it does enough in each category to remain as a very plausible choice for runners, especially considering the much lower price tag than the top of the line running shoes.

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GT 2000 2 Overview

The ASICS GT 2000 2 running shoe offers vast cushioned improvements over the previous model along with an overall weight deduction, all topped off with a very good price through Amazon.  It is no wonder this is the second most popular running shoe at  Allow me to go onto why.



GT 2000 2 First Impressions

The GT 2000 2 is versatile in terms of who can use it and what it can be used for. That being said, it is going to do so much good, with a little bad to really poke at. It is technically a stability shoe but offers more cushion than most stability shoes. Any neutral runners looking for some cushion should find great interest as well as stability runners needing the same comfort. Overall, since its meant to do so many things its neither the best in its class in cushion or stability. I would recommend the GT 2000 2 shoes to neutral runners looking for some but not too much cushion or slightly over-pronators who need some stability when running.

GT 2000 2 Compared to Previous Models

With so many fans within this series, there’s really a few models we can compare this to. The first, and its predecessor, the GT 2000. This shoe really blows the GT 2000 out of the water. The biggest reason has to be overall comfort and cushion and a much snugger fit. I would not say its quite as cushiony as a previous model, and probably most popular model of the series in the GT 2170, but it is definitely much better than the GT 2000 model and should provide much more comfort to any runner. What the GT 2000 is really lacking compared to the newer GT 2000 2 is a second layer of midsole foam, which actually makes the shoe lighter. I would not say the GT 2000 2 is nearly as cushiony as the Kayano 20, but at the same time, you will have a much easier time finding this shoe at a more reasonable price. Lastly, the GT 2000 2 has a much roomier toe-box so anybody having issues with the fit in the previous model should not face that sort of issue a second time.

GT 2000 2 Responsiveness

With stability shoes, especially stability shoes with cushion, responsiveness will have to be the cost. For those that do not know, responsiveness is how well your shoe reacts to the movement within your feet. If you over-pronate, especially if you do it heavily, you do not want much responsiveness because you do not want your foot going into the wrong motion so if you are looking as a stability buyer, the lack of responsiveness is a good thing. If you look at this shoe as a neutral buyer, it is not the best feature. The responsiveness or lack of responsiveness really makes this shoe a better long distance shoe rather than a short distance runner or a shoe full of sharp cuts and turns, ect ect.

Gt 2000 2 Breathability

Probably one of the best overall rated features of the GT 2000 2 is the breathability.  With a pretty thin but very comfortable upper, the breathability of this shoe is amazing. It will not get much better than this, especially at the price range. This really adds to the idea of this being an even better long distance running shoe.

Gt 2000 2 Appearance/Sizes

I am not the biggest fan in terms of how ASICS designed their logo, chooses their colors, or looks, but compared to most ASICS shoes I do not find this one quite as bad. Overall, its decent. You have some plain options and also a few options that are for those looking for bright shoes. The nice thing about the sizing, is you can find these shoes in normal sizing, 2E wide, or even extra 4E Wide so everybody should be able to find the width and actual size fo the shoe just fine. The only downfall to the extra wide sizes is that the extra wide sizes only come with 1 color option, as it has in previous models.  Overall, the GT 2000 2 rates probably a 7 out of 10 in terms of color and sizing options.
Gt 2000 2 Prices
This is really where the GT 2000 2 should grab your attention. Being compared to much pricier shoes like the Kayano 20, it may not quite have the same quality, but the price you will be able to find this shoe for is going to be much more reasonable. I do not own this shoe but i found several prices under $70 which is extremely good since the MSRP runs at about $120 and thats what you will find at most retailers.

Gt 2000 2 Durability

Probably the biggest downfall of the GT 2000 2 would be its durability. The construction of the shoe is very well made and you will not have a problem with that what so ever. The only slight problem some seem to have is over about 250 miles or so, users find the cushion starts to deflate and wear down some, so if you are looking for better cushioned shoes, I would probably look at the Kayano 20’s instead. Even before worn down, the cushion on those shoes are much better and the cushion in the Kayano’s are practically impossible to get worn down due to heavy mileage.

Gt 2000 2 Laces

If there is another downfall to the GT 2000 2, it would be the laces.  Some have complained about the laces being too short. I like them though because I really enjoy short laces. I do not like to double knot my shoes but I also do not want to trip over them so I like the short laces that do not get in my way at all. Worst case scenario, you may need a new pair of laces which are typically cheap and are always re-usable.

Overall for a quick summary, the GT 2000 2 offers a lot.  It gives some cushion and stability for which go great for neutral runners looking for some cushion as well as stability runners. It really should go well for long distance road runners.  What really may top this shoe off compared to some of its competitors is its knocked down price tag.