Brooks Ghost 7 Review

Brooks Ghost 7 Review

Brooks Ghost 7 Review


The Brooks Ghost 7 is a lightweight neutral shoe that provides a great comfortable trainer for most. With a good amount of cushion it should provide ample support for longer miles.   An improved midsole creates a smoother and fluid ride for most runners.  If you liked the 6’s, you will also like the Brooks Ghost 7’s.

Appearance of Brooks Ghost 7

This is really a personal opinion type of thing but Brook’s have had some pretty odd looking shoes. I think the Brooks Ghost 7 looks are okay in their latest version. I have seen much worse out of Brook’s but I have also seen some better. I wish they would offer a couple more choices and maybe I would like the appearance a bit better. It’s not the design that I dislike but the color combinations they offer that I cannot stand.

Biggest Changes in the Brooks Ghost 7

Really the biggest noticeable change in the Brooks Ghost 7 is going to be in the midsole. By noticeable I mean some will notice, some will not.  It’ll depend how vested you are into the Ghost 7 series.  Instead of the BioMoGo DNA inserts its been molded into one BioMoGo compound. That might sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to some so let me simplify the terms a bit. The problem with the BioMoGo DNA inserts is some felt it was not creating the smoothest ride. The intend of it is to add cushion to certain key pressure points to most runners. Instead for some runners it felt a bit more of an energy drainer, making it more difficult for longer runs. By this “problem” it is only really noticeable to certain runners dependent on so many different variables. From my non-professional opinion i would say this happened because everybody will have slightly different high pressure points and the shoes were not hitting theirs. I for one never had an issue with Brooks using this in past models but onward and forward.

The newer BioMoGo compound instead adds a balance of cushion throughout and does not focus as much on certain high pressure points so those runners should feel more at ease on this update. As a neutral runner, I hardly can notice this change but I have heard a lot of good things from some fellow colleagues who believe differently than I do.  I think this change along with the slight enhancement in the sole creating a lighter shoe made a bit more of a difference to me. It definitely feels like an even stride on most of the surfaces I have run on (this does not include trail-type surfaces) A lighter shoe while gaining enhancements instead of losing them is always a double plus for most. For the men the Brooks Ghost 7 generally weighs 10.3 Oz. and 9.0 Oz. for women. This of course varies by the size of the shoe.  Regardless, the Brooks Ghost 7 is the lightest shoe in its series.

Brooks Ghost 7 Upper Components

This should not be very different in compared to the Brooks Ghost 6. The design, overall fit, and comfort of the Brooks Ghost 7 should match past generations of the shoe. The only ever so slight difference may be that the threads are just a tad thinner than past models. I cannot tell if this is entirely the case unless I literally get both the shoes side by side and I no longer have my 6’s.  I felt like the toe box had plenty of room while my heel had no slippage so the fit was right where it should be and has been in past shoes. This may only be a problem if you have extremely narrow fit as the toe box will likely feel too spacey. I’d say my toe width is about average when compared to other runners and their fitting’s.

Thus far the main issue I have seen with some runner’s in the Brooks Ghost 7 is specifically with the right foot. It is said that the big toe gets blistered up for some runners. I personally have not experienced this issue so i’m not sure what is causing this.  It could be a combination of a thinner upper or simply foot sizing and movement. I would say to be a little weary of this and if you have any doubt the Ghost 6 should be a pretty sure thing to get instead. There’s not necessarily a reason to upgrade if you can find the Ghost 6’s easily still. Newer is not going to be better for all. I’m not trying to scare anybody away with the Brooks Ghost 7, if you can get this shoe with a good return policy such as through Amazon Prime or free shipping and return at places such as Zappos, I would definitely try this shoe out. Take out the risk. That’s always something I look for when I have any sort of uncertainty.

Brooks Ghost 7 Pros and Cons



*Changes in midsole create a more comfy and lighter shoe

*Great transition for most foot strides

*Capable of high mileage running

*Average weight for shoe type


*Limited Color choices

*Have been some complaints about a lack of forefront cushioning causing irritation for some runners