Hoka One One Clifton

Hoka One One Clifton Review


The Hoka One One Clifton is an amazing shoe for all runners alike.  An extremely light, cushioned shoe, that offers a good amount of stability, this shoe offers a lot to most runner-types, ranging from rookie runners to advanced marathoners.

Thoughts Pre-Purchase of Hoka One One Clifton

Honestly, I cannot even recall where I ran across the Hoka One One Clifton online but its ratings among customers really caught my attention right away.  The intrigue of shoes weighing 7.7 Ounces with lots of cushion sounds like my perfect road shoe. I could not resist.  I made a commitment and actually bought these out of pocket.

First 100 Miles in the Hoka One One Clifton

The initial feeling was a bit strange.  While it makes me feel so tall, it offers a lot of cushion and shock absorption.  Its a great different feeling than most shoes.  The 4mm drop from heel to toe feels pretty normal to me.

This had to be my favorite 100 miles in terms of comfort and feel I may have ever experienced in any shoe.  Lets talk about its most important feature, its cushion.  The Hoka One One Clifton offers a great cushioning system.  The transition feel is great.  Usually with most shoes with a lot of cushion, the shoe feels a bit draining for speed runs or even long-distance runs.  I think the weightlessness of this shoe helps shell that feature because I definitely feel fast and free when running even longer distances.  The highest mileage I have run in this shoe has been 11 miles and I felt absolutely refreshed afterwards.  Another reason this shoe has such a smooth transition and added stability is its Meta-Rocker Geometry, which is located in the heel and toe.  It really allows the foot to step, allowing fluid motion while offering support, for the smoothest transition possible.

Sizing. This will likely be easier for those more familiar with the Hoka One One brand. From my experience, most of the sizing features, shoe width, legnth, heel width is about average or medium.  I have noticed with the thin seemless upper, it does feel more roomy than most shoes.  I definitely do not think the Hoka One One Clifton will be a shoe you will need to up-size in.  If anything, If your normal size is slightly larger in terms of how it feels, you may even want to downsize 1/2 a size.

I would not recommend the insoles that the Hoka One One Clifton’s come with.  They are very thin and they move around in the shoe quite a bit.  I am not sure if this is because the shoe is a bit wider and the insole just does not have the right fit but I almost feel like it is useless.  I inserted my own insoles like I often do.  I had to try the Clifton without insoles simply for review purposes.  I just wanted to make sure it did not feel weird, took away from cushion, or caused any issues or irritation.  I am glad to say that it definitely does not.

Durability of the Hoka One One Clifton

The tread on the Clifton is practically unchanged.  I have run 250 miles in this shoe now and I have no complaints on the tread.  It has hardly deteriorated.  I highly doubt the tread having any issues before the life of the shoe runs out.  The cushion may have a slight decreased effect but nothing that is going to hamper your run.  If I have one concern about the durability of this shoe it would have to be the upper.  I just feel like with it being such a thin and seemless upper, it may be the first part of the upper to give up.  Only time will tell for sure but I don’t see anything that shows it falling apart at least for another 200 miles.

Hoka One One Clifton Upper Construction

It is really amazing how the Hoka One One Clifton has been constructed.  How can a shoe be so light with so much cushion with surprising durability?  Part of this has to do with the upper construction.  To go straight into the details, I would describe the upper as almost weightless.  It is constructed of no sew speedframe construction.  Eventhough it is thin, it still feels pretty plush.  If you flex your toe up into the upper, you can feel a nice and comfortable feeling.  It also easily has a few breathability spots which really take care of any issues with the heat.  I would not say it has super breathability, so do not expect such standards.  It does push out a lot of heat.  On the flip side, it is going to let some cold air in as well, so maybe this shoe is not quite as good in winter snow.

Conclusions of the Hoka One One Clifton

I really must say that the Hoka One One Clifton is a versatile shoe.  I truly believe short distance and long distance runners alike can wear this shoe and feel great about it.  I also feel like neutral and slight-pronators can wear this shoe with pride. The Hoka One One Clifton offers enough stability for slight-over pronators and the cushion and spring-back in this shoe is great for neutral runners.  I’d imagine this shoe be nominated and winning several rewards in the near future.  I know this has definitely become one of my all time favorites.  Go Hoka One One for creating such a beauty.




*Super Lightweight

*Offers lots of cushions

*Great Versatility for short-distance and long distance runners

*Offers enough stability for most slight over pronators


*Nitpicking here but the insoles that come with the shoe are garbage.