mizuno wave prophecy 4

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 Review

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 Review


A heavily-constructed neutral cushioned shoe. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4 is a uniquely durably constructed running shoes that may target to help out heavy runners the most. Its ability to absorb contact and outlast punishment makes it a very comfortable shoe, if you're willing to pay the high price tag attached to the shoe.

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GREAT NEWS.  For those disappointed in the Wave Prohpecy 3 (myself included), the Mizuno Wave Prohpecy 4 makes up for it and more.  The Wave Prophecy 4 really feels much closer to an upgraded version of the Wave Prophecy 2.  For those that do not know, let me tell you why this is a very good thing indeed.


History of the Wave Prophecy 3

To really get a grasp of the greatness of the Wave Prophecy 4, you should learn about their past two predecessors first. While the Wave Prophecy 3 was a decent shoe, it was nothing like the Wave Prophecy 2 and there were some glaring issues with the Wave Prophecy 3.  For a quick recap, the biggest issues with the 3rd shoe of the series is that the front foot comfort was practically gone.  You almost HAD to run heel to to strike, which is a problem for lots of runners, or anybody trying to sprint on their toes.  To continue on to this discomfort the previous model (WP 3) had a few plastic plates within the shoe, one of which would rub against a good amount of people’s toes, causing a lot of discomfort, and in some cases bleeding.

Wave Prophecy 4 — Who should you buy this shoe?

For those that may be new to the series, we should discuss what the Wave Prophecy 4 really is all about and who should be interested in buying it. This is a neutral shoe so it really works well for neutral runners or those that may slightly over-pronate. The Wave Prophecy 4 is built for shock absorption and comfort. It really tries to alleviate any pain you may have for the smoothest ride possible. This is why this is probably the greatest line up, minus the Wave Prophecy 3, for heavy runners or novice runners. For heavy runners, the great shock absorption really alleviates pain for most, whether it be from the knees or within the foot itself. It is also why its such a great shoe to start with for those looking to start running. You definitely do not want to start running in a poorly designed shoe not to fit your needs. It can cause a lot of pain and take out the fun before you can even get started.

Wave Prophecy 4 Features

We went over its great responsiveness and shock absorption. This is because the Infinity Wave Construction is back in the Wave Prophecy 4 and it really absorbs anything you try and hit the shoe with. An upgraded feature is the new “3D Upper Design.” Basically what they did is they created a softer, more comfortable upper that allowed this version to have much improved breathability and overall comfort. In fact, if you were to take the Wave Prophecy 3 and 4, put them side by side, picked both shoes up, and just felt the construction and mesh of the shoe, you would see a big improvement of a much more comfortable softer feel to the mesh in the Wave Prophecy 4. What this mean is this shoe is going to be much less stiff than its predecessor.  I think this may be the biggest factor in why the Mizuno Prophecy 4 does not have the toe irritation that its predecessor did.  Yet another improvement is an improved sockliner.  This is part of the fix from the last model where your toe would hit up against the plastic plate causing a lot of irritation.  That is long gone (thank goodness).  Now it is a much more comfortable fit and in most cases, The Wave Prophecy 4 won’t be as loose as the previous models.  The shoe should be nice and snug.

Wave Prophecy 4 Design

I cannot speak for everybody in terms of how the Wave Prophecy 4 looks to the blind eye, but I think this shoe has a huge improvement compared to the previous one to the series. The shoe has a bolder color in my opinion and the design itself is less crazy and out there.

With all that is right with the Wave Prophecy 4, you know there has to be some sort of gripe.  Like most running shoes, the traction on these are not the greatest.  Do not expect to be able to glide and make sharp cuts while flying through the rain.  Like previous models, this shoe is not tail-made for that kind of running.  Also like previous models, this shoe is pretty heavier, actually even slightly heavier than the last model, weighing at 12.7 ounces.  For performance runners, this may be a bit too much but this is why I believe this shoe is the ultimate shoe for heavy runners or novice runners.  It takes all the comfort takes out all the pain, and creates the smoothest ride possible while giving up a little bit in performance.  Sadly, that little bit is going to make a difference to anybody competing in anything hardcore.

The last downfall of the Wave Prophecy 4, and really this lineup, is the price.  Once again, the MSRP is over $200.  You will likely have a tough time trying to find great deals on this shoe but in my estimation, this shoe is 100% worth the cost, especially if you have ever had any problems while running in the past.

  • Extreme cushion & comfort.  Also offers a lot of shock absorption.
  • Ultimate shoe for longer mileage and/or heavier runners.
  • Very valuable upgrades from past model.
  • Can find discounted to knock off some of the price.


  • One of the highest MSRP’s for a running shoe