New Balance M3190V2

New Balance M3190V2 Review

When I saw these shoes on Amazon at nearly half the retail price, I looked into the shoe more. I looked at other customer reviews from amazon and new balance. The ratings were off the charts. I was immediately hooked on getting a pair of these New Balance M3190V2’s, but they weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. Overall, I find too many small annoyances that added up to a less than stellar shoe.

Taking the New Balance M3190V2’s out of the box

Visually, I was pretty impressed by these shoes. I like the visual design of the shoes except for the color mesh’s. I just dont feel they blend well.  Adding lime green to a gray and black palette as well as orange to a pair of lighter and darker blues simply don’t mesh in my brain. Maybe I’m just not up to date with trends, but they didn’t flow well with me. This didn’t bother me much though. The color scheme is not why I wanted to buy the shoes. The first attribute I noticed about the shoe was the midsole materials. It was quite foamy and it was definitely felt with the overall cushion of the shoe. As I quickly tested the flexibility of the shoe, I was less than impressed. I do not believe their new “Revlite” material was very flexible. Those were first impressions though. What mattered was how the shoe felt while putting them on and ultimately running.

Sizing of the New Balance M3190V2’s

A great running shoe is worthless if it doesn’t fit your foot. I say that because when I got these shoes in my normal size, it was a mistake. I definitely needed half a size up. My toes felt a bit compressed and ultimately, I believe that is part of the reason I could never get into the New Balance M3190V2’s. They also come in 2E and 4E so I probably wouldn’t hesitate to jump up in width too.

Shoe Construction

Upper-Overall i felt the upper of the New Balance M3190V2’s were pretty average. Nothing really stood out nor did they offer anything truly great. The upper is primarily constructed of mesh with no-sew synthetic overlays. One of my annoyances with these new balance shoes are the laces. They simply are too long. I hate having to double knot my shoes, but I hate my laces coming untied even more. I don’t really have a choice with these laces. They hang too low and untie themselves seemingly non-stop. You might need to get a different pair of laces for these shoes, which while isn’t expensive or time consuming, should not be a necessary thing to do.

Other than the laces, I’m also not a huge fan with the tongue. Its marked as a “plush” tongue but there’s not much material to it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I simply prefer plush tongues. They usually lead to more comfort. I’d rather put comfort over an almost non-existent weight increase. It isn’t simply because it isn’t plush. I find it a bit irritating. Sometimes it will shift too far off to the side and needs adjusted. Again, this is one of those small annoyances for me, that add my frustrations with the New Balance M3190V2.

Midsole- There is some good and some bad with the midsole, which I have covered partially in the beginning of the review. The material used to fill the midsole is known as “rev-lite” technology. New Balance claims it has the same responsiveness and durability as New Balance foams 30% heavier. I’m not sure about that though. May it be more durable? Possibly. Do I think it allows better responsiveness? I cannot say that I do. I don’t like how the shoe feels when I flex it. It is a bit forced. The foam physically cracks up a bit when I flex it all the way. On the plus side, when you are physically moving, the midsole compresses downward pretty well for a fairly nice cushioned feeling. I feel there is ample cushion in the shoe all the way across. Bottom Line with the midsole: The Cushion is good and the flexibility needs work.

Outsole- The outsole does protect the midsole with blown-out rubber hex pods that cover most of the midsole. I think this is a plus because I feel as if this midsole may get torn up if it comes in contact with the ground. I feel as if it does an appropriate job. It has enough traction for most basic surfaces, assuming you’re not trying to carelessly run over wet grass expecting no slips to occur.


Lets be straight. It is a neutral-pronation road-running shoe sitting at 10.4 ounces. I think it feels perfectly fine on the road, as well as similar surfaces. I haven’t taken it to anything extreme such as a rocky hike, and I don’t think i’d consider doing such. There are better options out there for fun rocky hikes. The Heel-to-toe drop is very similar to the original, which is 12mm. Overall, I think the New Balance M3190V2’s can be very beneficial for medium-distance runners who don’t mind some of the things that I do not like, such as the flattened tongue.

Summary Review of the New Balance M3190v2’s

For my personal desires in a running shoe, the New Balance M3190V2’s sit somewhere in the middle. While I think it offers ample cushion, especially in the heels, there are nuisances I do not appreciate. Things such as a flat tongue and extra-long shoe laces. While it can be found at a great price, I simply do not think I adjusted well with the level of comfort  from these M3190v2’s.