Nike Dart 10

Nike Dart 10 Review

Background of my own experiences with the Nike Dart 10

I bought my Nike Dart 10’s on a black friday sale quite a while back for about $24 so it was quite the steal at the time.  These shoes are neutral shoes which explains some of my discomfort.  While I can run in some neutral shoes, I need shoes that offer some stability that can transition my feet well.  I just do not feel like this shoe was a match for me.  I have read a lot of positive reviews on this shoe, sadly, I cannot praise this shoe as much as some others.  Now lets begin :).

My Performance Grading for the Nike Dart 10

When I first put on these running shoes I was fairly happy.  There was a decent amount of cushion.  Not a ton but enough for me to be able to work and run in these shoes.  Originally everything felt perfectly fine with the shoe.  They did not run small.  They are probably a little narrow so if you have wide feet considering getting a wider size.  Everything was great to start.  The real problem started to occur after wearing the shoe at my work where I am on my feet most of the day.  I started feeling some pain near my mid-foot towards forefoot on the outside portion of my foot.  This is pretty uncommon for me.  Most shoes do not give me any pain and I typically love most of my Nike’s feel.  I have dimmed it down to one of two things.  First is the transition of the Nike Dart 10.  I do not feel the Dart 10’s are overly flexible with the flexing of the foot.  I just feel the shoe is a little stiff. I feel my foot is almost forced into an unnatural movement which is resulting into the pain.  I was hoping this may just be a shoe that needs to be broken in so I have stayed with it on and off.  Usually stiffness lessens when the shoe is broken into. I did not want to force myself to wear them too often to avoid any nagging consistent pains and especially any injuries.  It has worn done some but it has not completely gone away yet and I am not patient enough to wait for that day.

That being said,  I could not take the risk of actually running in these shoes.  I have taken these out on short walks in hopes they would fit a bit better.  Sadly to no prevail.  These days I will wear the Dart 10’s when I want to go out with a solid black shoe that will not require me to wear for long amounts of time.

The Good.  Now it seems I have done nothing but put down the Nike Dart 10’s.  Really it just does not fit for my foot.  Check out some other reviews.  There are still tons of people that love the feel and cushion of the shoe.  What did I personally like about the shoe?  There is nothing too fancy about it.  It is a nice solid color, it offers cushion and some basic stability features such as a mid-foot saddle and flex grooves.  The lace system and overall fitting of the shoe is how I hoped it would be.  Everything can get as tight as I need it.  I believe the breathability of the Nike Dart 10’s is decent but there are a lot of shoes that are better.  The upper is constructed of a mesh upper with synthetic overlays.  It has a nice feel to it but I do not believe it lets out enough air in hot weather compared to some other of Nike’s shoes.


Nike Dart 10 Construction

Lets discuss the outsole.  I like it.  The outsole has a pretty basic design but it really gets the job done.  The entire outsole is just about made out of carbon rubber which provides plenty of traction.  There are not many grooves in the outsole so it is not supposed to catch onto slippery surfaces or uneven surfaces well.  Do not have those sort of false expectations.  On smooth surfaces such as a hardwood floor or smooth concrete-type finish, the shoes get the job done for sure.

We have discussed the outsole some already.  We know it is a mesh upper with synthetic overlays.  The shoe itself it actually lighter than I make it out to be.  Most shoes around a $60 MSRP weigh over 10 ounces, often closer to 11 or 12 ounces but mine actually weight 9.4 ounces at a size 9 D in Men’s so I was extremely happy about that.

We have discussed some about the cushion now.  The cushion is fairly evenly spread out.  You should be good with cushion regardless of how your foot strike the ground as long as you do not like extra extra cushion.  I am satisfied with the cushion overall.  Around the collar of the shoe is enough cushion for your ankle and the surrounding area to feel comfortable.  There is absolutely no tug or pressure near the achilles at all. The tongue of the shoe is nice and plush.  It’s super easy to tie the laces and the laces are long enough to tie.

I have not put these shoes through enough wear and tear to find the true wear and tear resistance of the Nike Dart 10.  Honestly, I almost never have an issue with the durability of Nike’s except for maybe a few of my Roshe Run’s which I find more of a comfortable style shoe than running shoe due to lack of durability.  With a cheaper price tag than most running shoes I would not expect these shoes to last as long as a pair that costs $100+.  There has to be some sort of sacrifice with the Nike Dart 10.  As of right now, the seems are holding well.  No broken stitches or splits.  Mesh is as strong as it was on day 1.  They’re simply dirty at this point.

 Overall Opinion of Nike Dart 10

There are so many pro’s and con’s with the Nike Dart 10 it is hard to figure out where to start.  I like the shoe’s cushion.  It is very balanced and every where from the soles to the midsoles, from toe to heel, from mesh to collar.  The shoe’s fitting can get nice and tight with the laces.  I would just watch out on the width of the shoe, especially if you have a bit of a wider foot.  I like the overall weight of the shoe for the price that I am at.  The biggest issue I personally have with the Nike Dart 10 is the stiffness.  I have not been able to break it out as much as I would like so it has felt stiff since putting the shoes on which may be what has caused some pain in my foot.  I do love the simple design of the shoe, especially in black.  I feel simple color shoes makes it easier to go with other clothes, whether casual or not.

Lastly, would I recommend this shoe?  Maybe but I feel like there are some better shoes out there.  I love my Nike Flex Experience Run’s 3 which run about the same price.  I just feel the overall cushion is a little better and there was never any stiffness out of the box.