Nike Flex Run Experience 3

Nike Flex Experience Run 3 Review

Nike Flex Experience Run 3


Nike has missed the mark on a few of their cheaper-end running shoes. But I thoroughly enjoyed the Nike Flex Experience Run 3. With a good amount of cushion, a good fit, and a lightweight form, the Nike Flex Experience Run 3 hit most of my expectations. The breathability could have had better results, causing the shoe to get a little hotter than other running shoes. Outside of that, I loved this running shoe and I would have no problem recommending this shoe to my friends and family.

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I am really looking forward to finally reviewing the Nike Flex Experience Run 3 because it has been one of my favorite overall buys. I wear this shoe most days to my work which requires me to stand/walk all day long.


Why I like the Nike Flex Experience Run 3

Now why is this shoe so amazing? For my personal use it is comfort + design. The moment I stepped into the shoe I felt an extremely nice soft cushioned sole within the shoe. Especially while brand new and while getting used to the shoe, I simply often felt faster as if i could almost take off and fly.  I will admit, it does not offer an ultimate level of cushion.  I am pretty light so I typically do not need too much cushion.  If I was a heavy runner, I may look for a shoe that has a little more cushion.  The reason the shoe is so comfortable is because of its Phylite midsole. It really helps with the transitioning of foot movement which is why when I walk in these shoes it starts to feel as if I am floating. It is also somewhat light and flexible which goes into the overall performance for the shoe, especially for a runner.  An Amazon customer named Cameron really sums up how i feel about the shoes in one simple sentence,

“The shoes are comfortable, even better looking in person, and have a soft landing on impact. im very satisfied with this product.”

Nike Flex Experience Run 3 Product Specifications

-rubber sole
-Reduced layering enhances flexibility
-Phylite midsole promotes natural movement
-Rubber pods on the outsole prevent wear and tear
-Product Weight:9.6 Oz
-Structured for Neutral / Under Pronators

Nike Flex Experience Run 3 Durability

The shoe has great durability. While I have dirtied up the colors quite a bit, the actual structure of the shoe shows no signs of wear. I have had these shoes about a year now and the only minor complaint is that the insoles are starting to wear out a bit but that is to be expected in any pair of shoes.  If insoles are ever a problem though, you can always buy your own insoles for a few bucks at a local Walmart or shoe store. Insoles really help for most shoes that either lack good insoles or are worn out. Nike claims that the Rubber pods on the out-sole help prevent wear and tear…. You can see this feature pretty easily on the shoes but I am not sure if the durability if affected too much by this. Do not let that throw you off too much though because as previously stated, I think the durability of these shoes are great and I have not found anything elsewhere that might lead me to believe otherwise.

Nike Flex Experience Run 3 design

I love this specific design because of two reasons. First its simple. Secondly, it offers two bold colors. Combine those two things, and it is exactly what i look for in the design of most of my shoes. I love strong bold colors and prefer them much more than the super bright pompous looks in a lot of running shoes today. They are much more easy to mix and match if I want to wear them casually.  My Flex Experience Run 3’s get a lot of compliments on their colors, especially when they were new before I dirtied them up over time. The mesh on the shoe really feels a bit more stretchy than most mesh I would say. If you put the shoe on and flex your toes up, you can really feel the flexibility of the mesh and the shoe for that matter. This offers an average amount of breathability. During the summer my feet did feel some heat.  I’m not sure this would be my first choice in running in very humid and hot weather, especially for longer mileage.

Nike Flex Experience Run 3 Sizing

Sizing would have to be one of the more negative features about this shoe. While the shoe offers lots of color combinations, there are very few wide sizes for those who have wider feet. You should probably know these shoes run about the same as other Nike shoes, so if you are a Nike Pro you should know what size to order. If you are more unfamiliar with common Nike sizing, Nike typically runs small compared to most other brands, similar to how Puma is typically smaller. If you are used to brands like Reebok or Adidas, I highly recommend ordering 1/2 a size up.

Nike Flex Experience Run 3 Price

The Price is about what you might expect from a higher quality Nike Running shoe. Anywhere from $45-65, give or take depending on sale events, color combinations, sizes, ect ect. I have bought this shoe for about $55 I believe at the time and do not regret it one bit.



*Offers lot of color options & very simplistic bold design

*Great comfort/cushion

*Lightweight at 9.6 Ounces


*Ok Breathability