Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

Nike Flyknit Lunar 3 Review

The Nike Flyknit Lunar 3 is an outstanding road running shoe to give a try.  It may have taken Nike three attempts at the Flyknit Lunar to perfect the comfort but they were finally able to do it.  With its most significant update probably being in the ankle collar, the lightness and comfort of this shoe does miles and miles beyond its predecessor’s.


Updates for Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

Lets get right down to business.  The biggest reason I could not get myself to purchase the Flyknit Lunar 2’s is because when I tried them on, they did not feel comfortable.  Walking in them, the collar around the ankle felt a bit hard and would press against my Achilles.  I could not risk purchasing a pair of $150 shoes not knowing if I could comfortably run in them long-term.  However the Nike Flyknit Lunar 3’s felt much different, much better.  It seems Nike moved back the collar and left a bit more of an opening.  In the Flyknit Lunar 2’s, you can see where the tip of the collar almost flips inward.  I could not get past this.  It may have been an easy fix for Nike but it was not noticed in the first two shoes of the Flyknit Lunar series.  Now I can definitely say the fit around the entire collar feels comfortable and fits pretty snugly.

I cannot speak too much about the other upgrades simply because while I have worn the Flyknit Lunar 2’s, I never picked them up and actually ran in them so lets dig straight into the performance of the Nike Flyknite Lunar 3’s.

Performance of my Nike Flyknit Lunar 3’s

I’m really happy with the overall performance of my Flyknit Lunar 3’s.  With a hefty price tag, I had a lot of expectations.  They all seemed to meet my personal criteria, some even exceeded my expectations.  The creators at Nike did a great job of putting in a lot of features in such a lightweight shoe.  The shoe offers a good amount of stability, cushion, and flexibility.

This works greatly for me because I am a huge road runner so all of my shoe’s 70 miles of running have been on my city’s sidewalks and streets.  I over-pronate ever so slightly so I typically lean towards stability shoes especially since I run on surfaces as hard as concrete.  I feel stability is more important, the harder the surface.  I never felt any pain in this shoe though.  If anything, I feel like the shoe offered me more stability than I needed.

I could make quick cuts with these shoes during my tempo run portions.  The shoe felt flexible and responsive.  I could make clean cuts smoothly without any sort of slipping.  This is something I will look for in a running shoe because it helps with my confidence of staying injury free when I’m running.

I think the biggest surprise of the Flyknit Lunar 3 is how great the cushion actually felt.  Eventhough it is a little stiff at its base, it offers plenty of cushion.  I like to have a good amount of cushion.  I do not go crazy with it or anything but it is definitely to my benefit when its there.  My feet do not get sore hardly ever, even on my 10 mile runs.  Overall, the cushion seems to be more in the forefront and midsole compared to the heel, which pleases me.  We know now the Flyknit Lunar 3 excels in just about every category I’m looking for so lets dig deeper in the features that make this happen.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 3’s Upper

With so many features, its amazing how lightweight this shoe has been able to remain.  A lot of this has to do with its amazing lightweight upper.  The upper is constructed of one seemless piece.  With a lot of breathability above your feet, it is a bit denser on the sides for structural support.  The tongue is actually attached to the upper so it does not slide down like it may in some other shoes.  What this does is great an even more comfortable, almost sock-like feel to the shoe.  I couldn’t complain about it to say the least.  None of the threads in my upper have torn or gotten loose whatsoever.  The upper has held beautifully through my runs, and I run roughly intensely at times.  It it could have ripped, it probably would have.  Overall, the Upper on the Nike Flyknit Lunar 3’s is one of my favorite features.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 3’s Construction

Lets first discuss the sole and midsoles of the shoe.  The outsole seems very similar its past model, practically identical by the blind eye.  It does a pretty solid job of absorbing shock creating a nice firm and flexing feel.  Comfort is not an issue.  The midsole has focused more cushion towards the forefront than the heel allowing more comfort for those quicker on their feet and for those that may run a bit more tempo than slow and steady.  The base of the shoe does feel somewhat stiff.  I do believe they are trying to create a bit more stability because the forefront and the upper itself is pretty flexible.

The lace system is a bit better in the flyknit lunar 3.  In the past model, there was an extra little secondary loop which really did not do much in fit of the shoe but at the same time took extra lace to complete the lacing from bottom to top.  Its nice to switched it back so runners could have more lace to actually tie with.

The shoe is very durable considering the lightweight nature of the shoe.  The outsole has shown very little sign of wear and tear.  The heel even has a little extra carbon rubber to prevent the deterioration of the shoe.  As mentioned earlier, the upper has also shown no sign of wear.  At this point it is a bit hard to try and predict what may go out first but it should be a while before anything decides to call it quits.

Possible Concerns with the Nike Flynit Lunar 3

We have gone over a lot of good with this shoe but that does not take away from the fact this shoe may cause some quirks especially for very specific runners.

1.The cushioning has stiffed somewhat in the heel and has become a bit more apparent in the midsole/forefront.  This may be a great thing but it also may be a bad thing for heel-steppers.

2.If you are a full-on neutral runner you can probably find a shoe with a better flexing heel/midsole.  This shoe does a great job of locking your heel and mid-foot in but that does take away from some flexibility.  Most of the flexibility is in the front of the shoe, which may prove great for more tempo runs.

3.Again, this may be good or bad, depending on preference, but past runners of the series may find a less snug shoe.  Past models have been compared to as an actual sock.  While the Nike Flyknit Lunar 3 has a similar feel, it does not quite have that feel.  There is a bit more room to breathe, which I personally enjoy.

Conclusions toward the Nike Flynit Lunar 3 Review

I would highly recommend this very stylish well preforming neutral lightweight running shoe.  Even more so for any road runner.  The updates to the Nike Flyknit Lunar 3 are so great, its hard not to be exciting for the next shoe they come up in the series. For runners that may be looking at too steep of a price, I’d recommend reading my reviews on the Nike Flex 2016 Rn or the Skechers Go Run 4 for a cheaper but still very effective and comfortable running shoe.