Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit

Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit Review

Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit Review


The Nike Free Motion Rn Flyknit is an extremely lightweight daily trainer, with a very unique build. Its sock-like upper with the flywire lacing provide a uniquely comfortable and fitted running shoe. The new auxetic tri-star outsole provides an extremely flexible experience while delivering on durability.

However, over past models, outsole changes have drived the price up, and I'm not so sure it improves the overall effectiveness of this running shoe. And for that, it can be hard to justify forking up enough cash to try them out.

Construction of the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit


  • Two-Strap system to allow a lace free experience
  • Anaomical rounded heel promotes natural movement
  • Seemless upper meant to provide a snug and natural fit
  • Low-profile midsole cushioning provides a minimalist feel, keeping you low to the ground
  • auxetic tri-star outsole pattern expands with each step, enhancing its flexibility
  • Fortified rubber in the heel region for more support on the shoe’s heavy use spots.

Upper Construction

The 3D Flyknit upper covers just about the entirety of the shoe. It provides a sock-like feel. The heel is quite flexible, and will flex and bend according to your fit.

The laces are elastic and provide an easy way to tighten the shoe to fit your exact needs.

Midsole Construction

The midsole offers two layers of foam, that are molded together. The first is a responsive Lunar foam. The second is a IU foam that provides a very responsive ride.

The midsole shape itself was constructed to form a wall of sorts, which elevates on the medial side. What this basically does is provide a guide to ensure that a runner doesn’t excessively roll their feet inward while landing. More or less, it’s a corrective measure.

Outsole Construction

I love the outsole in the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit. Nike uses a very innovative geometric pattern called known as an auxetic tri-star outsole. It provides a very natural movement because it works with how your foot moves. The outsole will shape and stretch depending on your movements, whether those are lateral or medial type movements. It definitely provides a minimalist type of feel while providing comfort and cushion.

I’ve found this comparison a little weird, but I’ve seen others compare the outsole to a second skin. The way I see it is that outsole helps move and stretch itself as if it’s a part of you. It sounds nice, but a little creepy for my taste. It’s too interesting of an analogy not to share however.

Performance of the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit

In my mind, the performance of a running shoe is determined by three key factors. The first and most important is comfort. If you’re not comfortable while running, you won’t sustain your run. It’s that simple. A second factor is how well can a running shoe keep you out of harm’s way? This can include support features (especially in stability running shoes) as well as simple features such as a running shoe having traction, so you don’t slip and fall. Lastly, can the running shoe improve you as a runner in some way? A running shoe that has great flexibility and gets you off the ground effortlessly not only keeps you happy, but can help you push your pace or distances.


The comfort of the Free Rn Motion Flyknit is absolutely amazing. From the nice sock-like fit, to the responsive cushioned midsole, finished off with the amazing new technology in the outsole, the comfort hits the sweet spot. With a lightweight feel, this shoe is designed for a variety of activites ranging from racing shoes to long-distance trainers. Regardless of how you run, you could make use of the Free Rn Motion Flyknit.


Being constructed out of a seemless and light upper, the breathability of this running shoe beats out most of its competition by quite a bit. And considering the overall feel, there probably isn’t a great need to wear socks, which I believe only enhance the breathability of the shoe while running.


A big focus of the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit is its flexibility. It’s one of its biggest positives if you ask me. The outsole was specifically designed largely looking at the shoe’s flexibility. With the technology in the outsole, and the seemless mesh upper, I”m able to completely bend the forefront inward. The shoe simply moves as if its a part of my own foot.


The Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit doesn’t offer much in terms of stability. It’s close to a minimimalist styled neutral running shoe meant for runners who don’t need assistance with their gait cycle.

If you’re looking for a running shoe that offers support or stability, you should probably be looking at stability running shoes, which are designed to help correct your foot motion.


I haven’t quite figured out how the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit fits for other runners. It’s a great lightweight running shoe, but there are aspects that keep it from being a racing shoe as well as a long distance running shoe.

The Free Rn Motion Flyknit’s fit is a little big, and this causes your foot to move around a little bit at times, especially during lateral movements. So if you’re changing direction a lot or trying these shoes in sports outside of running, it could be a little dangerous, especially with weak ankles.

The looseness I find in the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit also prevent it from being a pure race shoe. Racers often need a heel-lock tight running shoe, with no extra movement to be able to run safely and effeciently. This shoe doesn’t quite provide that for me.

Also, I don’t consider this to be a long-distance running shoe either. It just doesn’t offer enough cushion for long-term sustainability.

I think I find the Free Rn Motion Flyknit somewhere in the middle of that scenario. If you’re simply looking for a daily trainer that feels fabulous, this could be the running shoe for you.


7.4 Oz

You’re not going to find many running shoes lighter than the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit, unless you go completely minimalist with your running shoes.


I’ve found the sizing/fit to be slightly bigger than most of the other running shoe’s in Nike’s Free line-up. If you’ve tried running in a pair of Free’s before, I’d check to see how the shoe fits, and possibly go up 1/2 a size.

Value Check for the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit

Sometimes getting good value per dollar spent is important to consumers. You should always consider the amount of money you are spending on a product, how long this product is going to last, and whether this product has been updated over older models or similar models.

Price– $150. Compared to most running shoes, I won’t lie to you, it’s a little steep. However, if you thoroughly enjoy Nike’s and have tried and loved other variations of their Free Runs or flyknits, then it’s no surprise to find you here.

Durability– I find this shoe to be ultra-dependable. It’s going to last you a long time. The upper doesn’t deteriorate as long as you are taking care of your shoes. The outsoles will likely start to give out slowly, and you’ll feel it with its comfort level. That’s common for any running shoe. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

Updates over previous models– Some runners have had gripes with this shoe widening over its predecessors. If you liked the previous fit, you may not like this one. I have slightly wide feet, so most running shoes are a little tight on me in the width department. I didn’t have complaints about it personally, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. With an updated outsole design, the price has gone up. Sadly, I don’t really feel the outsole has improved. It’s simply a different design. For that, this shoe gets a slight knock.

Bottom Line

The Nike Free Motion Rn Flyknit is an extremely lightweight daily trainer, with a very unique build. Its sock-like upper with the flywire lacing provide a uniquely comfortable and fitted running shoe. The new auxetic tri-star outsole provides an extremely flexible experience while delivering on durability.

Though, due to a few flaws such as being slightly too wide and the outsole being capable of picking up smaller rocks, the Nike Free Rn Flyknit is somewhat limited to a daily trainer for pavement runners.

The bottom line is that the Nike Free Rn Motion Flyknit is an absolutely great running shoe, if you’re looking for a daily trainer for your pavement or treadmill runs. If you’re looking for a race shoe, or looking to take this out onto gravel, you may need to look elsewhere.