Nike Roshe Run Review

Nike Roshe Run Review

Nike Roshe Run Review


A pretty decent, comfort shoe, with a decent price, and classic look. However, that's just it. It feels like an attempt to pass off a stylish, somewhat trendy shoe as a running shoe. The durability is quite a concern, and I just don't feel like this Nike has a place for runners. I'd recommend it to casual wearers, especially Nike fans, but it is difficult to go beyond that.

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I really wanted to review the Nike Roshe Run because I find them to be a very unique find, a shoe formed around a very certain type of buyer.  Before I begin I must just start out by saying, if you are looking for a shoe specifically for serious running, these shoes are not for you.  This may be a bit deceiving because “Run” is actually in the shoe’s name, but believe me when I say, this is NOT the case.  This shoe is very popular among the younger generations.  Let me go into what makes this shoe great and for who.

Nike Roshe Run 
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Nike Roshe Run Comfort

I really wanted to start by talking comfort because hands down, it’s the shoe’s greatest feature.  This will be one of the only times you will hear me say this but this may be the most comfortable shoe you ever put on.  Its sock-liner is so soft and comfortable combined with the phylon mid-sole, and stretchy outer-mesh, it literally feels like you are wearing a soft cushioned sock.  I highly doubt I would describe any other shoe in such a way.  Its so uniquely made that it actually forms its shape after you put the shoe on.

Nike Roshe Run Design

I really like the design of this shoe due to its simplicity.  You can find this shoe in straight bold colors, or combinations, which really leaves it up to the buyer to pick and choose what they would like.  Personally, I really like solid colored shoes, especially with my Nike’s.  It just forms such a very natural but nice look.  Other than the simple look of the shoe, the design itself offers an extremely light and breathable shoe.  The breathability is both a pro and a con in itself.  Great for the summer and not quite as good in cold or wet weather.

Purpose of the Nike Roshe Run

Now this may be where the shoe gets a little tricky.  What the shoe gains in comfort and design, it may lack in function.  As previously mentioned, it is not a shoe tailored for runners despite the claim on certain Nike sites and promotions.  The light-weight, breathable design makes it a bit on the fragile side, which is why its not a shoe made for runners.  The chances of ripping the shoe significantly increases, and I would personally not recommend running in these shoes if you would like them to last.  I already mentioned the breathability of the shoe so let me repeat myself, this is not a shoe that will keep your feet warm and dry in the winter.  Do not buy this shoe expecting such results.

Nike Roshe Run Pricing

To be perfectly honest, through Amazon, I find this shoe hit and miss.  Now the price itself is decent for several of the color options.  For a shoe that is so unique with a brand such as Nike, the price is decent.  Shoes can be found as low as $58.  Now when I say hit and miss, the shipping aspect would be the big miss.  A lot of the 20+ colors available free shipping is not a free option.  That being said, I would watch how much you pay in shipping because if returned, you’ll have to pay for that shipping again.

Pros Vs Cons

*Very comfort and casual shoe
*Decent Price
*Classic Nike look with a unique material build
*Not built for durability or a lot of punishment
*Not for everybody.  I would not recommend for serious runners.