Reebok Southrange Run

Reebok Southrange Run L Running Shoe Review

Reebok Southrange L Running Shoe


At an alarmingly low price, the reebok delivers with a comfortable memory foamed shoes capable of satisfying wearers for more basic needs. Admittedly, it comes in at a pretty clunky weight, and doesn't offer much support for stability wearers. With those downsides though comes its wider sizes, which will please wearers with wider feet. With its price, the shoe's durability, mainly the stitching of the upper comes into question. Undoubtedly, somebody that may be looking into some athletic running shoes that may not want to put a lot of money into it, may be looking at the Reebok Southrange L running shoe.


With pricing ranged from roughly $29.99-$60, the Southrange Run L Running Shoe from Reebok is a great starting neutral shoe for more casual uses and for those not looking to dip into their pockets.


Southrange Run L Features

-Leather and synthetic
-Imported Rubber sole
-Padded tongue and collar
-Forefoot flex grooves
-EVA and IMEVA midsole
-Memory Foam Insoles
-Production Weight: 12.8 ounces
-Neutral Shoe built for normal pronation

Why Buy the Southrange Run L?

Why should you buy this shoe?  The single best feature of this shoe is definitely the memory foam insoles.  It creates a comfortable, cushiony feel.  A quick bit of information about memory foam insoles, when you first put on the shoe, it may feel a little tight. This is because the memory foam usually takes a few minutes to form with the shape of your foot.  After a small amount of wear, this problem should go away.  Most shoes in this price range definitely do not offer the comfort the Southrange Run does, especially the memory foam insoles.  It is no wonder it has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating through Amazon with almost 200 reviews to its name.  Triplet Mom on Amazon had this to say after purchasing the Southrange Run L for her son, and later on for herself,

“They are so light, the memory foam insole feels divine and enhances fit. The heel hugs the foot”

Along with the shoe’s comfort, another great feature of this shoe is the breathability. Its real great for the heat. You should not have too much trouble with sweating while on the run especially if you wear decent socks that don’t hold in heat.

Southrange Run L Short Comings

With such a great price and outstanding comfort there has to be some sort of downfall to the shoe. A slight negative about the shoe is actually the weight. While the shoe is only 12.8 ounces, any person looking for performance will be disappointed by that number as it’s a bit high for a neutral shoe. Though, if you are looking strictly for performance, it probably is not the best idea to be shopping for a shoe that can be found as low as $30. That being said, the weight won’t be a noticeable feature for most possible buyers.

Southrange Run L Size and Color Combinations

Now lets talk size and colors. I think both are a nice plus. Most sizes are available for most of the color combinations and that includes 4E sizes. Most know this by now, but 4E sizes are a wider shoe built for wider feet. There aren’t too many color options. The basics are a few different blacks, whites, white/red combinations, and one or two others. They are pretty solid colored shoes with a good sized reebok logo planted right on the side. If you like the reebok logo, you should like the design. The bold colors really help mix and match to whatever you are wearing, especially the black/white version of the shoes.

Southrange Run L Durability

I couldn’t detest too much about the durability of the shoe but I could not find anything that led me to believe that it is not a durable shoe. My suggestion is use personal experience with reebok shoes. While that might not be the most fair way to handle things, because all shoes differ, the brand is usually a tale sign when it comes to durability. Then again, so is price. Nonetheless the shoe is available through Amazon Prime (Which is free for the first 30 days after your first Amazon purchase to new users) so you will be able to return this shoe painlessly within the first 30 days, which should be enough of a sign on the durability of the shoe.

Overall, I think this is an extremely great deal. With bold colors and multiple sizes, to find this shoe with the memory foam insoles at such a great price, you are not going to be able to ask for much more.



*Great Price & Shipping Options

*Memory Foam Insoles for great comfort

*Available in most sizes—Even the wider 4E


*Heavier than most running shoes

*Lacks some Color options.