Reebok Speed Rise

Reebok Speed Rise Review

Rise above the bar with the new Reebok Speed Rise.  These running shoes are nicely compacted into a small-sleek designed designed for a long-range of activities, namely running.  With its memory-foam insoles and comfortable ride, the Reebok Speed Rise may be the shoe for you sitting at under $50.


Appearance, Fitting, and Sizing of the Reebok Speed Rise

I really wanted to start with the fitting because of one key reason that differs this shoe from others.  This shoe is pretty low-cut compared to some other running shoes when I’m used to.  The shoe itself almost does not cover much of the ankle, about mid-way through the ball on my ankle, maybe slightly more.  This may or may not be a big deal, in a good or bad way.  Basically it allows a runner, or any athlete wearing the shoe to be more nimble but rolling of the ankle increases.  If you are looking for the safest shoe possible or have weak ankles, this shoe probably does not have enough support.  At the same time, this feature combined with the shoe’s flexibility may make for a decent inexpensive speed trainer.

The actual sizing in terms of how the shoe fits is extremely spot on.  There should not be any need to down-size or up-size.  The fitting in the Reebok Speed Rise is extremely comfortable.  Very plush around the opening of the shoe, the insoles feel much better than the average insole, and tops off with a plush upper.  The only downside with the sizing is the lack of wide-widths for those with naturally wide feet.  If you often order shoes in 4E I’m sorry to say this probably will not be a very good option for you.  The Reebok Speed Rise comes in sizes ranging from 6.5 to 14 Men’s D and 5 t0 12 in Women’s B.  Sizes may depend on where you are buying from. Amazon offers all of these sizes but is subject to change any time depending on stock levels, demand, ect ect.

If you care about cosmetics, the Reebok Speed Rise does not disappoint.  With such a sleek and simple design, the design just works so well.  First, they look much better in person but if interested in checking out some of their other color options available, check them out through Amazon.  My favorite based off pictures are the black and white as shown above, and these are the ones I purchased.  No disappointment what so ever.

Sometimes you can tell how well a running shoe is made or isn’t by looking closely at the stitching and gluing.  Look where the upper and outsole meet near the toes, otherwise often known as the toe cap.  It is nice and clean cut?  Does it look professionally made?  These are some of the things to look for in terms of not only how a shoe looks but often the quality which digs deep into performance and durability.  After really looking at this shoe, I think the Reebok Speed Rise looks very well done and it has been pretty evident in the running shoe’s lasting durability.

Reebok Speed Rise Running Shoe Construction

Upper–  The Reebok Speed Rise’s upper is very similar to a lot of shoes in its price class.  It is constructed of breathable mesh with light synthetic overlays for a little added support.  I can feel the cool breeze enter the shoe on a windier day.  This of course is a big plus.  You never want to wear a shoe for physical activity that is not breathable.  Your shoes and feet become hot, are more likely to be irritated, sore, and blistered, not to mention smelly.  The Reebok Speed Rise also offers a nice plush tongue, important to keep the shoe nice and tight while running without any suffocation.

Midsole-The biggest downfall of the Reebok Speed Rise is going to be the midsole for most.  There is no medial post for stability so if you need any stability at all, you will probably want to start looking else where.  The Asics Gel-Contend 2 offers lots of cushion and some stability, check out my review here.  While the midsole does offer some foam from within, it is not as plentiful in other running shoes.  It will still be much more comfortable than a non-athletic tennis shoe.

Outsole– The outsole is constructed of non-marking white carbon rubber.  The rubber does two things pretty well.  First, it allows a good amount of traction as long as you are not on slippery surfaces such as wet grass.  Secondly, it provides great durability and protection from the midsole and occasionally the upper of the shoe.  Additionally, this shoe has great flexibility.  You can take it and bend the forefront with relative ease.  I would rate the flexibility of the Reebok Speed Rise higher than most entry-level shoes.  This simply allows the foot to hit its stride naturally and the shoe will feel much less stiff.  A big portion of this is because of its flex-grooves.  (Flex Grooves are horizontal grooves you can find in the outsole’s rubber, allowing the shoe to bend with relative ease.)  Some flex grooves are more beneficial than others.  I believe this one works well because the outsole and midsoles are not as thick as in some other running shoes.

Other Reebok Speed Rise Running Shoe Performance

Being a entry-level running shoe, especially one being found at prices around $30 to $40, the Reebok Speed Rise definitely should not wow an experienced runner, not even a chance.  However, for somebody who may be used to wearing flat shoes all the time or need a inexpensive pair to start running, wearing casually, or light-exercise, this may do wonders.

The Reebok Speed Rise offers a better Memory Tech™ insole that even some premium running shoes do not match up to.  While its not the greatest insole and probably will not work as well as custom made insoles, the Memory Tech™ insoles definitely do a better job than most standard flat insoles.  Even in one my favorite entry-level shoes, the Nike Flex Experience Run 3, the insoles lifespan were too short for me too truly enjoy all of the cushion it had to offer.

When running in these shoes there are a few highlights and shortcomings.  First, the feel is extremely great.  I felt very comfortable and relaxed in the shoe.  When on my strides, I transitioned surprisingly well for an entry-level shoe.  Even with my tempo runs, I could maneuver better than I would expect.  The shoes themselves weigh 9.6 ounces (that is in my normal size, 9-D Men’s)  so they definitely have a lighter feel to them.

I believe when running the biggest downfall may have been on my longer runs.  This I consider runs being of 5+ miles.  I never ran more than 10 miles in these.  What it basically came down to is the longer I ran, the more I would start to notice the cushion levels in this shoe, or therefore the lack of cushion levels in this shoe.  I always prefer shoes with a good amount of cushion to lessen the pounding on my feet.  Any shoe with great shock absorption, I am willing to try out.  These however are not quite at that level being entry-level shoes and I started to notice as my miles picked up.

My last note in the performance of the shoe has to be in durability.  There have been no tears or seem splits in the upper which is always nice.  I think what stands out to me is how well the outsole has held up.  It basically remained exactly the same.  This shoe should hold up for a long time.  Really my only question with the durability is how long before the cushioning systems, from the midsole and in-sole, give out.  That will ultimately tell me how much longer I can run comfortably in these.  Now other athtletics such as yard work, these shoes will still be great.  Given my mileage on them now, I would give them 200, maybe 250 miles of comfortable cushioned use.


Summary of my Reebok Speed Rise Review

Overall, I think the Reebok Speed Rise has a chance to stand out its class of entry-level running shoes.  Notable features such as enhanced flexibility and an above-average memory tech™ insole, this running shoe does hit spots other entry-level shoes seem to miss these days.  Even the appearance and build is of extremely good quality given the price.  The only downfall of the shoe is its lack of cushion although this is coming from a runner who is used to running in premium cushioned shoes.  When everything is put together, I believe the Reebok Speed Rise is a shoe that can work great for those who want a weight-light, flexible, and comfortable shoe.  If looking for more cushion compared to flexibility, you will likely have to look at shoes like the Asics Gel-Contend 2.  All in all, the Reebok Speed Rise can be a great running shoe for the right user.