reebok zigultra

Reebok ZigUltra Review

Reebok Zigultra Review


The Reebok Zigultra offers a running shoe that does well with shock absorption, which alleviates a lot of pressure on your feet up through your spine. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer a lot of great cushion, which some runners may not like, while others may prefer it this way. All in all, with a lack of sizing in wider sizes, and it running smaller than other running shoes, the Reebok Zigultra limits its potential satisfied customers. I say if you can find a good price and enjoy the look of this shoe, give it a try, although it wouldn't be on the top of my desire lists.

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Wowza. Let me start off by saying the Reebok Zigultra does so many things well.  Not that Reebok has been my first brand of choice but this shoe starts to open the wheel house for more Reeboks in the near future.


Design/Comfort of Reebok ZigUltra

The design of the Reebok Zigultra very different than most shoes I have owned in the past. I am not overly big on bright colored shoes but I could not resist getting a pair of these for just $45 about 8 months ago. When I opened the box for the first time, two things caught my attention. First, the colors definitely looked even better in person and the second, The texture of the upper felt amazing and comfortable. The biggest two reasons I liked the actual appearance of the shoe is it took a solid color and faded it towards the Toe. The second, the outsole has a very unique shape, it almost looks like toothpaste. I’ll show you a picture of the color combo that I personally chose as an example.



Now that you can visually see the design of the Reebok Zigultra, it is pretty obvious that it is not a minimalist shoe. I would estimate there is going to be about a 9-12mm distance from the ground. On the other hand, if you are a heel striker like myself, this shoe is for you. As your foot strikes the ground, the outsole really does a great job of taking in the pressure and absorbing it with a great comfortable midsole.

With all that is great with the design, I would have to admit to there being some downfall. The texture of the shoe is synthetic which creates for great breathability but does come with a price. It also absorbs dust and moisture pretty easily. This is really the biggest knock for the Reebok Zigultra. I chose to get my Zigultra with a lot of white in it, and dirt just finds a way to get into the shoe and its not always the easiest shoe to clean to say the least. Also, do not plan to run too much in rain without your feet getting seriously wet. The breathability allows for the heat to escape but it also lets the rain in at the same time.  The Reebok Zigultra just does not drain the water well.  So do not buy this if you run the streets of the Rainy City.

Performance of Reebok Zigultra

Now lets talk business. How has this shoe performed for me? All in all, its been great. I think its really built to run multiple surfaces. It runs very smoothly on gravel, treadmill, grass, and dirt. If you are running on dirt though, except the shoes to pick up some dust. If you do not mind dirty shoes, this will not be a problem. I think the thick outsoles really help with this. The only negatives I have seen is that the design of the outtersole causes it pick up tiny rocks and particles that get wedged in the outtersole. All in all nothing major for my personal needs. I have probably run roughly 500 miles in these shoes, maybe a bit less, anywhere ranging from 1-12 miles at a time. Most of this is on sidewalks and streets. The shoe has not caused any discomfort or any problems as of yet. Keep in mind, I am a neutral-heel striker. I do not heavily over or under pronate. After my mileage the shoe holds up pretty wear. There are some minor bumps and scruffs, and they are pretty dirty for sure, but I have yet to actually tore any core part of the shoe. While i can no longer wear them out casually, they are still great to run in and for my outside activities such as yard work.

Reebok Zigultra Prices

The Retail price of the Reebok Zigultra is actually listed at $105. With that being said, the retail price of this shoe is a little pricey.  You should be able to find this shoe online at various places around $80-90, but as I said earlier, I received my pair for $45 through amazon.  While this shoe is decent, I think there are better options at a 100 dollar price range.  If you cannot find this shoe cheap somewhere, I would consider looking else where.  There are plenty of great neutral shock absorbing shoes out there, such as one of my favorites in the Hoka One One Clifton.

Reebok Zigultra Sizing

The only downside at Amazon for these shoes is a limited size range. The sizes at amazon are sizes 9-13 in men D so no wide width options. Honestly, once i notice the black pair available in my size at a discounted price, i’ll buy another pair that won’t show the dirt so easily. Now how does the sizing of this shoe actually fit? From my personal experience, it runs slightly smaller compared to most of my shoes such as my Nike Flex Experience Run 3’s or my Asics Gel-Kayano 20’s.

Summary of the Reebok Zigultra

Lets wrap this up in the simplest way possible. Reebok’s Zigultra offers a lot of versatility for heel to mid-foot strike runners. With its unique and quite large outsole, is provides a lot of shock absorption and cushion and allows running on several terrains. The great breathability does allow for some dirt to lock in and won’t be overly great in the rain. If you wear sizes 9-13 in Men, i would look to amazon, especially if you are patient enough to wait for a great price to open up in your size range. If not, I would still highly recommend these shoes, you may just have to look else where instead.