Saucony Triumph 11

Saucony Triumph 11 Review

Saucony Triumph 11


With subtle but effective upgrades over its predecessor, the Triumph 11 rises back to a formidable and comfortable running shoe. The improvements of the upper material improves the overall comfort and durability of this running shoe. Overall, a neutral runner looking for a comfortable, cushiony running shoe to try out might like this one.

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The Saucony Triumph 11 is basically an improved Triumph 10. Even without vast changes, the Triumph offers many several subtle differences to improve comfort, feel, and durability.  If you liked the Triumph 10, you will want to try the 11’s.


Saucony Triumph 11 Overall Impressions

I have run about 150 miles in my Saucony Triumph 11’s but my first impressions go over really well. First off, the cushion throughout the Triumph 11’s is great. I do not see too many shoes that have good comfort ranging from the heel to the midfoot, even to the forefoot. Secondly, this shoe upgrades to a much more comfy upper.  Also, the new IBR outsole is constructed a bit better than the last version which helps durability, especially the forefront of the outsole.  Weighing slightly lighter than the last model, the Triumph 11 has done a lot in my eyes. Overall, I would recommend this shoe to those looking for an-all purpose running shoe that overs a lot of comfort. Now let me into why.

Saucony Triumph 11’s Comfort

I brought up the cushion of the Saucony Triumph 11’s as being very balanced. I believe that is partially because of the 8mm drop from the heel to the toe.  I do not typically like shoes with a difference of over 10mm.  There are a few other comfort factors that come into play. The upper is much more plumped and comfy. It does add about .2 ounces to the shoe.  The toe box is a bit wider than most running shoes so those constantly having to look for either wider shoes or having to order a size up should not have a problem with the Saucony Triumph 11’s. What I really love about most Saucony shoes are their laces.  Their lace system always creates a nice and tight shoe, and with a plush upper, it really helps most feet snug in really well no matter the size/shape. The laces themselves are flat which always help keep the fit while running without loosening at all. To go along with such great comfort and a great fit, the shoe’s mesh is very smooth and is very breathable. Again, just like most very well breathed shoes, this means water will get into them if you run in wet conditions such as while its raining.

Saucony Triumph 11’s Price Comparisons

Overall, I would probably compare the Saucony Triumph 11’s loosely to the Kayano 20’s which is actually a stability shoe known for their great comfort.  The prices are about the same for the shoes, starting at $140 for the Triumph’s 11 and $160 for the Kayano 20’s. A big plus about the Triumph 11’s and one of the reasons I was able to give them a try was their price deduction through amazon to just under $70, which put it much more in my own range.

Saucony Triumph 11’s Durability

The durability of the Saucony Triumph 11  is good to say the least. It has definitely at the very least improved over past models. I have not been able to reach its limits so I have taken it to actually look online for the durability factor. After some research through Amazon reviews and a few places such as KindRunner, you should expect this shoe to last at least 400 miles but I would gear more towards 500 miles. The cushion in the shoe should not wear off no matter the mileage put into the shoe. One of the reasons to upgrade to this shoe over the Triumph 10 has to be the durability. Why not receive small improvements in an upgraded shoe especially if its going to last you longer?

Saucony Triumph 11’s Comparison to Previous Models

Saucony mainly tweeked some of its materials and make-up of the shoe.  The upper material is slightly different and it should feel more comfortable on your foot.  Likewise, the forefront material changed to one that is more sturdy so the durability the Saucony Triumph 11 should hold up even better than its predecessors.

Saucony Triumph 11’s Flexibility

This is really the one area the Saucony Triumph 11 lacks as a whole. While it offers a lot of cushion, it is quite heavy and as a result, it’s not quite as flexible to some other shoes in the series. For past wearers in the Saucony line up looking for a lighter, more flexible shoe, the Cortana or Ride may be the shoe for you.

Who would I recommend the Saucony Triumph 11 to?

We have already covered most of this throughout the review but let me make it perfectly clear.  The Saucony Triumph 11 is a neutral shoe for neutral runners. If you strike with your heel/midfoot, you are in good hands here. If you need a little bit of arch, once again, you are in good hands. This is a shoe for those looking for comfort. The weight is decent but its not the lightest shoe out there. That being said, i would still wear it to competitive events. That is what the cushion means to me, and what it will mean to others out there as well. Given the cushion of these shoes, they are really great for all sorts of running, ranging from short distance to long distance road running.

Overall, I think the Saucony Triumph 11 is a great shoe for any neutral runner looking to do just about any kind of running.



*Very balanced cushion.

*Slightly improved upper and durability.

*Priced well through amazon.

*True to Size.

*Subtle but effective upgrades over predecessor.


*Lacks some flexibility.

*Still not the lightest shoe available.