Skechers Go Run 5

Skechers Go Run 5 Review

Skechers GoRun 5 Review


I may not run in Skechers very often, but the GoRun series have been one of my favorite lineups the past few years. Its lightweight and cushioned combination creates a very enjoyable experience. Sometimes you need to get past the stigma/reputation of a brand to truly enjoy something.

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The Skchers GoRun 5’s have made our list of the best running shoes of 2017. If you want to see more running shoes on this list, check it out here.

Construction of the Skechers GoRun 5

Features (Based off of Skecher’s GoRun 5 Page)

  • Skechers GOknit™ upper provides security while maintaining breathability and comfort
  • Secure gore construction for a seamless fit that hugs your foot
  • Lightweight, responsive 5GEN® cushioning
  • Integrated inner support strap in the midfoot ensures a stable and secure fit
  • Mid-foot strike zone promotes efficency in each stride
  • Lightweight and durable parametric web outsole provides multi-surface traction
  • Air mesh tongue with elastic tongue-position keeper straps for stable and secure fit
  • Quick Fit feature for easy accessible on and off
  • Reflective detail
  • Offset: 4mm
  • Forefoot 14mm, heel 18mm midsole thickness
  • Weight: 7.5 oz. per shoe in a men’s size 9


  • Circular knit one piece upper provides a perfect fit
  • Knit-in design for distinctive look
  • Side S logo
  • Reinforced lacing area with top eyelet for custom lacing options

Upper Construction

The upper is constructed through two different layers. The layers flow together however, so it is still considered a one-piece upper. The upper most layer is like a woven cloth material. It simply creates a surface that is smooth, soft, breathable, and flexible, creating the ultimate comfort. This portion of the upper also creates the form since there aren’t any overlays, something you’d find in most running shoes. Within this design, there are some areas that are thicker in some areas, for added support. From what I can tell, the thickest area is where the skecher’s S logo is on the sides of the shoes.

Underneeth this Go Knit material is a breathable air-mesh. Being placed under the top fabric, it’s highly durably yet flexible. It’s got breathability as well thanks to the design which opens up gaps of air for the shoe to release heat.

The wonderful upper of the Skechers Gorun 5 doesn’t stop there either. Skechers advertises their tongue as a breathable tongue. And while most of the time when shoe companies make this claim, it isn’t entirely true. However, the mesh that creates the Skechers GoRun 5’s is very breathable and has become one of my favorite tongues from ANY running shoe.

Should I keep going with the amazing features in the upper?

The lacing system in the Skechers isn’t quite the traditional lacing that you may find in a lot of running shoes. While they appear to be similar, they definitely have differences and their perks. The Skechers Reinforced Lacing System is a normal set of shoelaces that are stregthened in the middle by extra stitching. This allows for a tighter fit in the middle of the shoe, preventing potential lateral shifting.

Sorry, if I went into some extreme details regarding the Skechers GoRun 5 upper, it is nothing short of amazing.

Midsole Construction

The Skechers GoRun 5 operates with a full-length foam material. Skechers uses their latest cushioning technology with their 5GEN technology. The foam itself is extremely soft and responsive. But it isn’t over-packed to the point to where your foot is sinking and it becomes difficult to get off the ground.

Additionally, there is some underfoot cushioning with the shoe’s Ortholite Sock Liner. It offers a plush and cushioned feel while providing properties that help wick away any moisture or sweat.

Outsole Construction

The Skechers GoRun 5 feature a Parametric Web Outsole. This matieral is composed out of a light texturized rubber. It’s primarily located in the heavier use spots, which are near the forefoot and heel. Its web-like design are supposed to help increase durability and traction over the road. However, the traction isn’t the best, especially with any wet or slippery surfaces.

Performance/Testing of the Skechers GoRun 5

In my mind, the performance of a running shoe is determined by three key factors. The first and most important is comfort. If you’re not comfortable while running, you won’t sustain your run. It’s that simple. A second factor is how well can a running shoe keep you out of harm’s way? This can include support features (especially in stability running shoes) as well as simple features such as a running shoe having traction, so you don’t slip and fall. Lastly, can the running shoe improve you as a runner in some way? A running shoe that has great flexibility and gets you off the ground effortlessly not only keeps you happy, but can help you push your pace or distances.

Test 1: The All-Day Test

The All-Day test just consists of me wearing the running shoes through a day of work, which consists of a lot of standing and movement. This not only helps break in the shoe, but it gives me a good idea of how comfortable it is, as well as how I like it fitted.

The Skechers GoRun 5 performed marvelously in this test. My feet felt very comfortable light throughout most of the day, and I didn’t sweat as much in these running shoes compared to most of my others. I usually wear pretty thick socks when I work, so sweat is inevitable for my feet.

Test 2: Running

My training in the Skechers GoRun 5 consisted primarily of shorter distances, up to 5 miles, and one run at about 10 miles. Overall, I’m nearing 50 miles in the Skechers GoRun 5, and that only includes the running portion of my testing.

The Skechers GoRun 5 stands out in a lot of ways. Its extremely light and breathable, yet its near the levels of a maximalist running shoe in terms of the amount of plush cushion it offers. I think my favorite part of running in the GoRun 5 is that even with all of its cushion, the running shoe responds very well. The cushioning levels aren’t suffocating, and the ride is extremely smooth and effecient.

I’ve learned that the flexibility of the Skechers GoRun 5 is decent, but not quite mind-blowingly decent. With a construction primarily made out of lightweight materials, its no wonder the shoe bends pretty effectively. It doesn’t take a scientist to be able to put two and two together.

Overall, after having tested on treadmill, gravel, road, and track, I’d rather run on the road with the Skechers GoRun 9. At times, small rocks could get inserted into the outsole, so this running shoe probably isn’t your best choice if you run on a lot of gravel.

A downside in the performance of the Skechers GoRun 5 is how well the traction features of the shoe operated, which wasn’t very well. Running on wet surfaces could be a little dangerous in this shoe. I wouldn’t even attempt wet grass, and you should still probably be mindful on anything that loses a lot of its friction when wet, which can include some pavements at times.

Who Should purchase the Skechers GoRun 5?

The Skechers GoRun 5 is a neutral road running trail made with a lot of cushion while maintaining a very light weight.

WIth all that being said, I could see a lot of different styled runners picking up a pair of the Skechers GoRun 5. Its lightweight construction and plush comfortable feel keep tempo runners and distance runners interested.

I do consider the SKechers GoRun 5 more of a warm-weather running shoe. Its breathability does wonder in hotter temperatures, however, once the temperature drops off to a certain point, preventing sweat isn’t as necassary. In fact, because of its breathable nature, running in cold, wet weather might not be the best idea as your feet are likely to get extremely wet in these

Value Check of the Skechers GoRun 5

Sometimes getting good value per dollar spent is important to consumers. You should always consider the amount of money you are spending on a product, how long this product is going to last, and whether this product has been updated over older models or similar models.

Price– At a MRSP of $100, the Skechers GoRun 5 is doing better than most of the market. To top it off, if you look hard enough, Skechers definitely offer better deals/sales than a lot of top name brands such as Nike.

Durability– The overall durability of the GoRun 5 has to be at the very least average. I haven’t been concerned with the upper or stitching falling apart in any way thus far. The biggest knock I might say was I wish the outsole was better protected, so the cushioned feel would remain at tip top shape for a bit longer.

Updates over previous models– To me there aren’t a lot of updates in this model in terms of performance. You still get great cushion. The get the quick-fit feature to slip the shoes on and off. If you could get the Skechers GoRun 4 for less, I wouldn’t try to stop you. I think the biggest updates come in terms of durability, which is always a major plus.


Bottom Line

If you’re a neutral runner that runs on pavement, you should give the Skechers GoRun 5 a try. The only exception would be for runners running in colder or wetter weather.

Overall they just offer too much cushion at such a lightweight, all while staying at a very reasonable price (Yeah I’m looking at you Nike).